KSCAT NICE A09 主動抗噪 藍牙 無線/有線 雙用耳機 Bluetooth Headset 香港行貨 免費順豐自取 #3C街

  • 噪音更少 心情更放鬆
  • 主動式抗噪可令用家更投入於個人的音樂世界中,可令你更專注聆聽音樂、電影同影片既音效,先進的抗噪技術有效地降低你不想聽到的噪音,例如人群擠擁的市區、飛機內的機艙噪音或裝修中的鄰居所帶來的噪音,只要用左佢就可以隔絕一切噪音。
  • KSCAT NICE A09具備長達15個鐘的音樂播放時間,零共振外殼能過濾多餘噪音,能長時間提供更精準及純粹的音效體驗。
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Superior ANC function

Adopting advanced noise canceling technology, there is a good effect to reduce ambient noise, and use in places such as airplanes, trains, and offices is perfect.

Headphones have deep, strong and rich bass, wide range and excellent high and middle parts, giving you the best music experience. Open the ANC function and the sound quality will be better.

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Corresponding also to wired

It is not only highly compatible as a wireless headphone in Bluetooth 4.1 version, but it can also be connected to audio by line because there is a line plug.

Simple & lightweight design

It is hard to be damaged by a frosted high strength ABS shell. The headband and the pad surface are made of high-quality artificial leather, and the high molecular weight protein cotton cushion with softness and adhesiveness is used to realize a comfortable feeling of wearing that you forget to wear even for a long time use to do.

High-capacity battery.

You can play continuous calls and music for 15 hours if wireless, up to 12 hours if you open the noise canceling function, and 40 hours if wired.

* Fully charged, the specific usage time may be reduced due to volume or usage.

Package Contents: 
  • 1 x A09 Noise canceling headphone
  • 1 x Exclusive storage pouch
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x 3.5 mm audio cable
  • 1 x User Manual