KSCAT BC06 運動 無線 藍牙耳機 降噪 Bluetooth wireless Earphone Headphone Microphone 香港 行貨 #3C街

  • 支援iOS及Android設備 (可通話),可連接2部電話
  • 藍牙版本: 4.1
  • 降噪型
  • 香港原裝行貨一年保養
$ 359 44.8% OFF
$ 198

  • 黃色

數  量
  • 自取 - 免運費
  • 順豐到付(收件需自付運費) - 免運費
  • 平郵 - 每件運費$8,購買滿$120免運
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Easy-to-Reach Controls and HD Microphone

This workouts headset has easily-pressed on-ear controls for volume and pairing and allows you to answer calls with a quick tap while you're on the go, on-earbud HD Microphone is high efficient, just talk normally, your caller can hear you clearly. 

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Talk With Clarity

When speaking to friends using the built-in microphone, you will immediately notice how smooth and clear communication is. Employing CVC Noise Cancellation technology, the outside sound is greatly reduced resulting in phone calls free from disturbance and with the clearer transmission. 

Stable Performance

Standard wireless connections can be fraught with disturbances resulting in clipped audio or dead connections. To combat this, the headphones are specifically designed with a ceramic antenna that boosts the signal strength and tolerates more interference. You won't just get a better connection; you'll get striking audio quality that sounds like a winner.

Even Better Sound

For the premium, quality sound on par with CD and digital disc audio, the headphones are engineered to support the aptX codec. When paired, you'll have direct access to uncompromised natural sound that's as good as "wired" counterparts. 

Package Contents: 
  • 1 x KSCAT Wireless Stereo Sports Headphones
  • 6 x Ear Buds (Two Are Equipped On The Headphone) 
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable 
  • 1 x User Guide