7502 - Snoopy Blue House 積木

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包裝大小:45cm x 35cm x 7cm

BRAND: Peanuts
ITEM No.: 7502
AGE: 6 year old +
CAT.: Snoopy - Everyday Fun
NO. OF PCS 483
WEIGHT: 1267g
GIFT BOX DIMS.: 45cm x 35 cm x 7 cm

USA Official Global License

The beagle Snoopy always lies on top of his red dog house, yet his friend and owner Charlie Brown lives in a real house. With this playlet your child can build Charlie's home out of building blocks. This playlet offers hours of entertainment, because building a house take quite some time. When finished building your child can play with the residents: Charlie Brown, Snoopy the little bird Woodstock and even friends visiting the home of Charlie Brown.


The most important benefits of this product:

Construction toys: Your child can build a house out of building blocks.

Your child meets the imaginative world of Snoopy in a playful way.

This playset offers hours of entertainment.


What's in the box?

Plenty of building blocks to build the home of Charlie Brown.

Four action figures to play with.

Lots of accessories like flowers to decorate the house.


Tips & Tricks

We offers a wide variety of playsets starring the beagle Snoopy, there are playsets available of the dog driving around in his own ice cream truck or with him using his dog nose to hunt for treasure as a pirate.