Start Reading Collection 52 Books

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Start Reading Collection 52 Books

  • Each book is graded to match book bands widely used in school
  • Clear progression from beginner readers to fluent readers
  • Guided reading notes to help children at the earliest reading levels
  • More titles at the levels children need the most reading practice
  • Book bands are guided reading levels to help measure reading ability

Titles in this set:

  1. Fun at the Beach: Splash!...
  2. Fun at the Beach: Go, Go, Go!
  3. Fun at the Beach: Dad's Net
  4. Fun at the Beach: Sand
  5. Let's go On Holiday: Off We Go!
  6. Let's go On Holiday: Not like That!
  7. Let's go On Holiday: No More Singing!
  8. Let's go On Holiday: Come on Dad!
  9. Pip's Pets: Bad Dig, Digby!
  10. Pip's Pets: Cat Nap
  11. Pip's Pets: A New Pet
  12. Pip's Pets: Where is Sid?
  13. Me and My Family: Me and My Cousin
  14. Me and My Family: Me and My Dad
  15. Me and My Family: Me and My Mum
  16. Me and My Family: Me and My Nan
  17. Carlo's Circus: Bippo and Boppo
  18. Carlo's Circus: Joey the Juggler
  19. Carlo's Circus: Lola Fanola
  20. Carlo's Circus: Princess Rani
  21. Awful Archie at the Museum
  22. Awful Archie and the Babysitter
  23. Awful Archie & Frisbee
  24. Awful Archie & Terrible Trevor
  25. Detective Dog: The Lost Kittens
  26. Detective Dog: The Stolen Egg
  27. Detective Dog: Footprints in Snow
  28. Detective Dog: Treasure Trail
  29. Down in the Jungle: Flora's Big Noise
  30. Down in the Jungle: Lulu's Song
  31. Down in the Jungle: Monty's Surprise
  32. Down in the Jungle: Spots in a Bad Mood
  33. Sea Force Four: The Ghost Fish
  34. Sea Force Four: Big White Box
  35. Sea Force Four: Wheelie Thing
  36. Sea Force Four: Steel Whale
  37. Superfrog: Crocodile!
  38. Superfrog: The Dragonfly Kite
  39. Superfrog: The Flying Elephant!
  40. Superfrog: The Groaning Ghost
  41. Creepy Castle: The Perfect Pet
  42. Creepy Castle: Naggy Aunt Aggie
  43. Creepy Castle: The Ghost Train
  44. Creepy Castle: The Unwanted Visitor
  45. Fairytale Jumbles: Goldilocks & the Wolf
  46. Fairytale Jumbles: Snow White & Enormous Turnip
  47. Fairytale Jumbles:Cinderella & the Beanstalk
  48. Fairytale Jumbles: Rapunzel & Billy Goats Gruff
  49. The Poor Pirates: Pirate Underpants!
  50. The Poor Pirates: Bangers and Cash
  51. The Poor Pirates: The Pirate Code
  52. The Poor Pirates: Fishfingers and Leaks