DAHLE 616Air (41630) : 德國達樂牌P6防密級別 CleanTEC™️ SHREDDER碎紙機 (0.8x12mm)

  • 徳國達樂牌P6防密級別CleanTEC™️碎紙機
  • 可碎出 0.8 x 12 mm 效果 ( DIN 66399 : P6 )
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$ 38,800

數  量
  • 自取 - 免運費
  • 速遞 - 每件運費$10,購買滿$200免運

Recommended, for example, for data carriers holding strictly confidential information demanding the highest security precautions
Max. material particle size 5 mm² and for regular particles: max. strip length 1 mm
Shredded data cannot be reproduced with the current state of science and art

Document shredders with innovative fine dust filter system for a better indoor climate

Fine dust is something you cannot see, hear or feel. Although it is so intangible, it is something that concerns us all. When inhaled, fine dust collects in the respiratory tract and can pose a considerable threat to our health. Whether from exhaust emissions, cigarette smoke, volcanic ash or office equipment, fine dust is produced in various ways and at all sorts of different places. Even indoors, where it is produced by office equipment, among other things, minute dust particles are suspended in the air. The smaller these fine dust particles are, the more easily they can enter our lungs and blood circulation.




  • User-friendly document shredder for departmental use
  • Unique DAHLE CleanTEC® filter system reduces exposure to fine dust emitted from document shredders, creating a better indoor climate
  • High-quality, solid-steel cutters in special steel for a guaranteed long service life
  • User-friendly DAHLE Safe Technology safety package with permanent paper volume detection capability, automatic acoustic shut-down function and integrated oil tank on all models providing cross-cut shredding
  • Clearly designed, user-friendly control panel with illuminated information and function unit and acoustic signals
  • Electronic start-stop function controlled by integrated light barrier
  • Convenient automatic reversing function clears feed opening after feeding in too much paper
  • Convenient feed and reverse function for manual control
  • Motor cuts out automatically when waste bag is full or door is open
  • Energy-saving sleep mode after 10 minutes at idle and automatic shut-down after 30 minutes
  • Powerful motor for high capacity and longer running times
  • Extremely quiet operation for a particularly pleasant working atmosphere
  • High-quality wooden cabinet in modern design fits into any office
  • Widely opening doors for ease of emptying the waste bag
  • Convenient swivel casters providing 5 cm floor clearance for greater mobility and two brakes for keeping the shredder firmly in place
  • Separate main switch for completely shutting down the document shredder
  • Practical IEC power connector can be unplugged from the document shredder
  • Includes 10 strong waste bags suitable for re-use (Item no. 20707)
  • 5-year warranty on the cutters of models providing P-6 and P-7 security
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 960 x 734 x 511 mm
  • Shreds 11 sheets A4 80gsm paper
  • Shred width in mm : 0.8 x 12 mm
  • dB(A) when idle : 50
  • Speed in m/min : 4.0
  • Net Weight in KG : 93

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