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For healthy feel-good zones

DAHLE nanoCLEAN is small and compact, making it extremely mobile. The device can be placed anywhere there are people, creating healthy areas of well-being. Possible locations include the workplace, children’s rooms or – thanks to its quiet operation – right next to the sleeping area. 

Eliminates breathable particles

This unique air purifier with nano particle filter eliminates not only mites, dust and micrometer-sized particles from the air in the room, but also breathable, potentially hazardous nano particles measuring up to 10 nanometres (10 times smaller than a speck of dust) which are not removed by conventional HEPA filters. 

Practical & compact: for flexible use – everywhere

  • Unique air purifier with nano-particle filter HNF³ for areas of well-being at the workplace and at home
  • Filters out 98% of all nano-particles, dust, animal hair, mites, bacteria, mould, smoke and pollen from ambient air
  • The recyclable three-layer structure removes hazardous respirable nano-particles up to  10 nanometres (0,001 mm) 
  • Quiet operation allows the placement directly to the sleeping area
  • Compact dimensions allow a direct positioning wherever fine dust is caused at the working place (e.g. printer, copier)
  • User-friendly with three power levels including automatic function
  • Easy to change and fully recyclable filter

DAHLE 80100

Compact system with unique filter technology filters out 99.4% of all harmful particles from ambient air
The 5-stage filter in special nonwoven material even retains respirable, hazardous nanoparticles down to 10 nanometers (0.00001 mm)
Absolutely no harmful ozone released
When positioned next to a printer or photocopier, toner dust is directly removed from ambient air
Compact size provides a fresh air environment in the workplace
So quiet - it can be used while sleeping
Easy to operate with three settings
The automatic function switches the air purifier off automatically after 8 hours if selected
Filter easy to change and dispose of as domestic waste
Recommended by ECARF for allergy sufferers

  • ****************************************** 
  • 可过滤百份之九十八的纳米尘埃达到0.001微米
  • ( 一般在市场的HEPA空气过滤只能到0.3微米 )
  • ****************************************** 
  • 每小时可过滤三十立方空气 ( 第一階段 : 7立方, 第二階段 : 15立方, 第三階段 : 30立方 )
  • 三种操作模式 ( 自动/大/小 ).
  • 过滤器产生的音频为最多44分贝 ( 第一階段 : 29dB, 第二階段 : 33dB, 第三階段 : 44dB )
  • 欧洲ECARF和TUV认证
  • 体质是240x140x120豪米
  • 重量是800克
  • 备有三层HEPA纸滤芯可另购替換 ( 建议每650-800小操作更换一次)
  • 德国制造及原庄进口.
  • 输入电源 : 100-240 V; 50-60 Hz; 250 mA
  • 输出电源 :12 V; 500 mA.
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