Targus 手袋 12.9 Grid Sleeve for iPad Pro (TSS900GL)

  • Multi Gen Solution. Camera compatible
  • Multiple viewing angles and typing position
  • Fits all versions of iPad mini * Premium, plush Luxe interior lining
  • Custom molded silicone tray with corner protection
  • Elastic closure for secure transportation. Water resistant cover
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Targus TSS900GL

為都市生活而設計卻能抵抗惡劣環境,Targus 12.9" Grid™ 耐衝擊 iPad Pro 保護包為您的 iPad Pro™ 提供了防止碰撞、磨損、震動、潮濕和灰塵的終極保護。這個保護包能給您的 iPad Pro™ 卓越的防護。以高密度 EVA 與強化橡膠緩衝墊組成的四層結構來提供撞擊防護,符合最受信賴的 US 軍事規格 MIL-STD-810G*,可保護您的裝置從 4 英尺 / 1.2 公尺高的地方掉落而不受傷害。 帽蓋設計與磁鐵開口安全又讓攜帶者容易拿出。正面和背面的拉鍊口袋提供了方便拿取的收納空間,防滑而可調整的肩背帶提供了安全又穩定的肩背選擇,若想用手持或放在其他包包裡的方式攜帶,肩背帶也很容易就能取下。耐水性氨酯等高性能又輕巧的材料,提供了彈性與耐用性。

通過美國軍用標準 MIL-STD-810G, 可防護從 4 英尺高度墜落到水泥地的衝擊

強化橡膠與高密度 EVA 的四層結構提供撞擊防護





其他來源國 : 中國

外部尺寸27.6 x 4.1 x 35.24cm 10.86" x 1.62" x 13.86"

相容性31.3 x 3 x 23.2 cm 8.4" x 0.8" x 11.8"



重量0.49 kg / 1.09 lbs

Targus  Grid Sleeve for iPad Pro

City-centric yet fit to resist harsh environments, the Targus 12.9" Grid™ High Impact iPad Pro Case offers the ultimate protection against shocks, abrasion, vibration, moisture and dust for your iPad Pro™. The case provides superior protection for your iPad Pro™. The 4-layer construction includes high density EVA and reinforced rubber bumpers to provide impact protection, meeting most trusted US military standard MIL-STD-810G* protecting your device from 4ft / 1.2m drops. The hooded design and magnetic closure offer a secure, yet easy accessible solution for the person carrying the bag. The zippered front and back pockets offer storage for quick-grab items, while the anti-slip and adjustable shoulder strap provides a secure and stable over-the-shoulder carrying option. It can easily be detached from the case when it’s preferable to carry the slipcase by hand, or placed in another bag. High-performance and lightweight material, including the water-resistant polyurethane, provides resiliency and durability.

Passes US military standard MIL-STD-810G to protect from a 4ft drop on concrete

4-layer reinforced rubber bumpers with high density EVA provide impact protection

Hooded design provides weather protection

Zippered front and back accessory pockets

Grab-and-go or use with shoulder strap

Reflective Accents 

Compatibility31.3 x 3 x 23.2 cm 8.4” x 0.8” x 11.8”

Exterior Dimensions (fully expanded)27.6 x 4.1 x 35.24cm 10.86" x 1.62" x 13.86“


OtherCountry of Origin : China

WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

Weight0.49 kg / 1.09 lbs