HOGA Coffee 10 sachets 賀嘉沉香咖啡10包装 (新包裝)

  • 抗衰老
  • 高抗氧化
  • 富含必需的礦物質
$ 120

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HOGA Coffee is made from a superior blend of Arabica coffee beans and Gaharu. HOGA Coffee emanates the tantalizing aroma of coffee infused with the delectable taste and benefits of Gaharu. Savor the goodness of HOGA in every sip of HOGA Coffee that will leave craving for more till the very last drop. * Benefits (traditional known)- Anti-aging- General well-being- High anti-oxidant contents- Rich in essential minerals * Content - 20gm X 10 Sticks HOGA Coffee. *Preparation Instruction- Empty 1 stick (20gm) of HOGA Coffee into a cup.- Pour in 150ml of hot water into the cup.- Stir it and the coffee is ready to be served.
*傳統上用於:- 抗衰老 - 咖啡享受 - 含高量抗氧化劑 - 含有豐富的礦物質*內括- 20gm x 10條 即溶咖啡*使用說明- 將1杯(20gm)的HOGA咖啡粉倒入杯中。- 將150ml熱水倒入杯中。- 攪拌,咖啡即可享用。