Luc et Léa - 法國LEL嬰兒額頭溫度計(適合0個月以上)

  • Luc et Léa - Luc et Léa FOREHEAD THERMOMETER 0mth+
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Luc et Léa嬰兒額頭溫度計(適合0個月以上)特點:

1) 把溫度計貼在在嬰兒眉毛上方,保持測試約15秒,直到顯示器完全穩定並讀取溫度。

2) 如顯示器出現2個溫度時,取讀綠色顯示的温度。

3) 額頭溫度計可避免脫去嬰兒衣服而讀取溫度。

4) 嬰兒睡著的時候也能輕易讀取溫度而不驚醒他。

5) 額頭溫度計可使用約數千次。

Luc et Léa Test front end of fever. This test of fever to remove unpleasant thermometer sessions when your baby has a fever.

It avoids it naked and can take its temperature in seconds even when he is asleep.

operating tips

This test can be used thousands of times. 

Take the test of fever by both ends, well apply the black face on the front, just above the eyebrows. Maintain the test for about 15 seconds until complete stabilization of the display and read the temperature.

When 2 temperatures appear, with hold than green.