3.5 inch Aluminum Alloy Hard Drive Protective Box [BSC35-10]

  • Material : Aluminum Alloy + EVA
  • Protection Space : 10 pcs HDD
  • Dimension : 246 x 236 x 200mm
  • Weight : 1.85kg
  • Safety Protection : Dual Lock
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  • Product Code
    ORICO BSC35-10
  • Compatible HDD Type
    3.5 inch HDD 
  • Protection Space
    10 pcs HDD
  • Dimension
    246 x 236 x 200mm
  • Weight
  • Material
    Aluminum Alloy + EVA
  • Safety Protection
    Dual Lock

   Give a five-star home for hard drivesData is priceless
Hard drives are necessary for many people, which is expensive but weak, damaged by dust and moisture. Take it easy! ORICO multi-bay hard drive protection box gives your hard drives a five-star home.
5 / 10-bay aluminum protection boxLarge capacity storage center
This 5 / 10-bay hard drive protection box made of aluminum, fits for 2.5 / 3.5 inch HDD / SSD, solid and durable, your good assistant for managing multiple hard drives.
Massive data, easy storage
Easily download HD movies; store materials for designers; store videos and pictures for photographers; mass memory space for digital enthusiasts.
Waterproof and antistaticKeep hard drives safe
Solid chassis made of aluminum alloy and thick EVA shockproof sponge inside protect hard drives from impacting and shocking accidently.
Thick EVA shockproof spongeProtect data better
Thick shockproof sponge inside with good elasticity can buffer all kinds of vibration and shock, protecting HDD and data better.
Reasonable and stable structure
The sponge fixed by grooves and kraft board on the two sides is hard to move, making hard drives more steady.
Find the beauty in the details
Aluminum chassis, metal stripe, fashionable and beautiful; handle wrapped by rubber, with comfortable hand feeling, easy to carry; dual lock ensures hard drives' safety; eight corners fixed by iron sheets makes it more steady and durable; six hole sites fix top and bottom plate; humanized fingers position makes it easier to take and put hard drives.