ORAL-B GENIUS 9600 藍牙智能電動牙刷

$ 1,680

數  量
  • 自取 - 免運費
  • 工商區或順豐站 - 每件運費$25 (運費優惠)
  • 速遞住宅區 - 每件運費$40 (運費優惠)

ORAL B GENIUS 9600 藍牙智能電動牙刷


- Multiple cleaning modes
- Built in timer
- Pressure sensor to alert you when you are brushing to hard
- Bluetooth connectivity for pairing to smartphone app to track cleaning
- Premium travel case with in case charging
- Brush handle available in a range of colors


- Multiple colour options for brush handle
- Grippy rubber on the rear ensures the brush remains in hand
- Dedicated power and cleaning mode buttons
- 6 cleaning modes – Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Pro-Clean and tongue cleaner
- Only 5 icons on the brush handle, despite 6 modes
- Icons light up when selected
- 3 brush heads included (more available to purchase separately)
- Built in quadpacer and 2 minute timer
- Pressure sensor that illuminate red for pressure and green on a quadrant change
- Bluetooth connectivity to record your brushing history via app for Android and iOS
- Position detection system is clever, but frustrating to use
- Smartphone holder for attaching to a bathroom mirror included
- Holder fits devices from 58-83mm
- LED SmartRing that can be customised 1 of 12 color options
- New style charging stand with detachable power cable
- Premium travel case holds the 9600 and 2 brush heads
- Brush can be charged in the case as well as power a USB device
- Power adapter works on 100-240v
- American Dental Association approved


Any head can be used on any Oral-B brush and on any cleaning mode.



The 9600 pairs with an Android or iOS device and will communicate with the Oral-B app that you download from the relevant app store.



In the box is a single US power adapter. It is this that connects to the charging stand or the travel case to charge the 9600.

What’s in the box?

- 1 x Oral-B Genius 9600 brush handle
- 3 x Brush heads (1 x CrossAction, 1 x 3D White and 1 x Sensi UltraThin)
- 1 x Charging stand (new style with detachable cable)
- 1 x Premium travel case
- 1 x Power adapter (fits charging stand and travel case) (原裝插頭為美式插頭)
- 1 x Smartphone suction cup holder
- Documentation

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