Maruichi Ma Gel Eye Mask & Electro Cosmetic Sheet

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Ma Gel Eye Mask & Electro Cosmetic Sheet has a variety of eye protection features, including a variety of natural moisturizing ingredients, the main ingredients including peach leaf extract, cucumber extract, venetian rose extract, which can be moisturizing, dilute dark circles and soften the skin. The gel eye mask is used together with the Electro Cosmetic Sheet, which make the effect more effective. The electronic force of the Electro Cosmetic Sheet can generate micro-current to stimulate the ingredients in the gel, and deliver the ingredient's functions of the eye mask to the deep skin of the eye. The eye mask uses a high-density design that makes it difficult to lose the cosmetic ingredients of the eye mask. It is a normal phenomenon when there is a feeling of micro current during use. Through the action of micro-current, it helps the epidermal cells to be activated, effectively preventing melanin; and has a more obvious deep dirt cleaning effect. Make your eyes brighter and achieve the effect of anti-aging.