ShiftCam 2.0 Full Gear Deluxe Kit

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Grab this chance to try the entire ShiftCam System with over 28% discount.
iPhone photography has never been more convenient! Enjoy an unparalleled full-ranged iPhone photography and on-the-go cam shifting experience with our Deluxe Selfie Kit!
It is also the best gift for your travel & photography enthusiastic friends!

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1.  Compatibility
From now on, you can capture every memory and tell your story in any perspective with JUST ONE POUCH.

2.  Not to miss any memories
learn more about how each lens empower your iPhone camera here:

2.1  Wide Angle ProLens
Using 5 pro-level elements to deliver a constantly sharp, 110 degree viewing angle, this second- generation wide-angle lens delivers quality images every time. Distortion levels are below 1%, ensuring this lens delivers images of exceptional quality every time.

2.2  Telephoto ProLens
Bring the world closer with this amazing 65mm Telephoto Lens. Using robust construction and high-quality optics that maintain sharpness even in the corners, it delivers the superb, distortion-free image quality you expect in a practical, easy to use form.

2.3  230° Full Frame Fisheye ProLens
With an incredible 230-degree angle, this ultra wide-angle lens lets you capture the bigger picture.
This fourth-generation lens features 6 elements in 5 groups, to deliver the outstanding quality your images deserve. Sharp from center to corner and built to last, this quality lens delivers for all your images.

2.4  Long Range Macro ProLens
A first of its kind, the Pro Macro Long Range Lens is capable of focusing in on minute detail from an astounding 10cm distance. ShiftCam’s lens design specialists have developed a long distance macro capability, enabling you to bene t from added depth of view, allowing enough distance from the subject to create a more impressive overall composition.

2.5  Traditional Macro ProLens
Grab images of incredible detail with this high-quality, professional level macro lens. Featuring an amazing 10X magnification, this lens captures everything. With close-to-zero distortion and exceptional corner sharpness, this stunning lens delivers exceptional image quality and superb performance in all conditions.

2.6  ShiftCam 2.0 6-in-1 Lens
Comprehensive, Compact and Convenient, ShiftCam 2.0 6-in-1 Travel Lens Set is designed to provide the ultimate on-the-go photography kit.

3.  The pouch is designed to be durable and protective. Carrying full-ranged lenses in one-go and do switches on-the-go without stopping by.

4.  Hassle-free fast switching enables you to capture every single memory.

5.  Compatibility
5.1  6-in-1 Lens
They are uniquely designed for specific iPhone models and are not interchangeable. (Unless stated otherwise)
ex. iPhone Xs's 6-in-1 Lens is ONLY for iPhone Xs. If you are using iPhone Xs Max, please choose the iPhone Xs Max's model.

5.2  ShiftCam 2.0 Case
Each package contains 1 ShiftCam Case only, and each ShiftCam 2.0 Case is only compatible with the specific iPhone model you have chosen.

5.3  ProLenses
All ProLenses has an interchangeable adaptor, you can use ProLenses on ShiftCam models for other iPhones with the corresponding adaptor.

6.  What is in the ShiftCam Premium Pouch?
iPhone case, 6 in 1 Travel set, Magnetic Lens Cap, Magnetic ProLens Cap,  ProLens adaptor, Lens Carrier, 110° Wide Angle, 60mm Telephoto, 230° Fisheye, 75mm Long Range Macro, 10X Traditional Macro