Pioneer 6x Blu-Ray Writer 先鋒 藍光 刻錄機 SATA接口 [ BDR-L06] Bulk Pack 一年保用

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Pioneer BDR-L06


Faster burning

First in the industry to realize 12x writing on BD-R discs, Pioneer 
can also now achieve 12x writing on BD-R Dual Layer (DL) discs.

A quieter drive

With a new redesigned disc tray structure, the airflow in our drives
is smoothed and operational noise reduced. Enhancements such as 
tunnel-like air intakes and ducts, plus a new smoother interior to the 
drive suppress noise and provide a quieter experience.

An eco-friendly drive

Smaller packaging - saves resources and fuel for transportation.

Increased life expectancy

The sound barrier design that traps noise inside the drive also 
works to keep dust outside the drive. This makes the newly developed 
drive much more dust resistant than previous models and drive failure 
due to dust is practically nonexistent.

Wide blank media support

Pioneer strives to have best in class performance over a wide range 
of media – our drives achieve this for a large variety of BD and DVD 
media. Refer to the drive’s media support list for all supported media 
and the write speed that can be achieved.

Top quality writing

Our chassis' design maximizes disc stability and write quality by 
reducing warping at high speed caused by disc vibration, especially on 
the outer areas of the disc.

Write Speed :

BD-R   :  BD-R & BD-R DL = 6x
BD-RE  :   BD-RE SL/DL = 2x
DVD-R  :   16x
DVD - RW :    6x
DVD + R   :  16x
DVD + RW   :  8x
DVD + R (Double Layer)  :   8x
DVD - R (Double Layer)  :   8x
CD - R  :   40x
CD - RW   :  24x

Read Speed :

BD-R  :   BD-R & BD-R DL = 12x
BD-RE  :   BD-RE SL = 8x, BD-RE DL = 6x
BD-ROM   :  BD-ROM & BD-ROM DL = 12x
DVD-ROM (Single)  :   16x
DVD-ROM (Dual)   :  12x
DVD-R, DVD-RW  :   DVD-R = 16x, DVD-RW = 12x
DVD+R, DVD+RW   :  DVD+R = 16x, DVD+RW = 12x
CD-ROM  :   40x
CD-R   :  40x
CD-RW  :   24x