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  • SOUNDCRAFT NOTEPAD-8FX PROFESSIONAL AUDIO MIXERS 調音台可助您輕鬆獲得傳奇的 Soundcraft 聲音,讓您的音樂,播客或視頻更加精彩。 Notepad 結合了專業級模擬組件,知名的哈曼數字信號處理和內置的 USB 音頻接口
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Soundcraft Notepad-8FX Professional Audio Mixers

Notepad-8FX 8 路通道調音台可助您輕鬆獲得傳奇的 Soundcraft 聲音,讓您的音樂,播客或視頻更加精彩。 Notepad-8FX 結合了專業級模擬組件,知名的哈曼數字信號處理和內置的 USB 音頻接口,可搭配您最喜愛的 Mac 或 PC 編輯軟件使用。無論您是創作型歌手還是播客,Notepad-8FX 調音台都能提供一流的功能,如 Lexicon® 效果,助力您為創意作品增光添彩,給聽眾留下深刻印象。最純粹的音質, 源自 Soundcraft。 40 多年來,音頻專家始終信賴 Soundcraft 混音解決方案的純粹音質和可靠性能。 Notepad 系列調音台將這個傳統發揚光大,其配有專業級 Soundcraft 麥克風前置功放,方便的 XLR 和 1/4 英寸連接器,以及耐用的金屬外殼,能夠經受住時間考驗。熟悉的操作界面, 難以置信的強大性能。 Notepad 採用了系列傳統的通道帶佈局,無論新人老手都能輕鬆掌控。每路通道提供輔助發送和三個均衡器控件,其賦予的便利性僅見於更大型的調音台。旋轉式耳機音量控制助您輕鬆調整聆聽電平,而帶有 LED 測量的主推子電平可精確控制主輸出信號。 Notepad 系列專為家庭影院,排練,現場表演和播客製作而設計,音頻專業人員無需任何學習成本即可掌握,而初學者也能輕鬆上手。排練,現場演唱會等場景的完美之選 只需一個裝備包即可裝入體型精巧的 Notepad 調音台,便攜性一流,適合創作,排練和現場演唱會等場景。 Notepad 調音台旨在提供標誌性的 Soundcraft 性能,方便用戶連接包括麥克風,吉他,鍵盤等在內的設備。 Notepad 調音台系列有三種型號(Notepad-5,-8FX 和 -12FX),可謂是創作型歌手或小型搖滾樂團的理想之選。一體式播客解決方案 Notepad 選用了優質 Soundcraft 組件並集成 USB 音頻接口,可成為播客工作流程的理想核心設備。 Notepad-8FX 配有 Lexicon 數字效果,可以讓您的製作水平提升到幾乎可媲美專業錄音棚。無論是採集獨白或訪問專家團隊,Notepad 調音台都能幫助您創作並與世界分享。標誌性 Lexicon 數字效果 Notepad-8FX 配有 Lexicon 提供的卓越錄音棚品質效果,可幫助您錄製真正專業的聲音,無需額外的插件或設備。通過 Notepad 內置的 DSP 引擎中行業領先的信號處理技術,以混響,合唱或帶有打拍定速控制的延時來優化節目效果。無縫接入 Mac 或 PC Notepad 系列集成了 USB 音頻接口,方便您使用最常用的音頻軟件輕鬆錄製,剪輯和播放項目。通過將 Soundcraft 傳奇音頻性能與哈曼信號處理及內置的 USB 接口相結合,您的計算機可與 Notepad 組成無絲毫妥協的解決方案以提供最佳的模擬和數字音頻。


• 借助專業的麥克風前置功放獲得傳奇的Soundcraft 聲音• 利用集成的USB 音頻接口輕鬆錄製,剪輯和播放您的Mac 和PC 中的內容,其中Mac 支持即插即用* • 使用哈曼數字信號處理,包括標誌性Lexicon 混響,迴聲和延時,來美化您的混音。 • 系列繼承了傳統的通道帶佈局,包括均衡器,輔助發送,主推子電平和旋轉耳機音量控制,可以輕鬆創作混音 • 耐用的金屬外殼,經得住時間考驗 * PC 需要安裝 Soundcraft 驅動程序

The Notepad-8FX 8-channel mixer makes it easy to get legendary Soundcraft sound for your music, podcasts or videos. The Notepad-8FX combines professional-grade analog components, renowned HARMAN digital signal processing and a built-in USB audio interface to use with your favorite Mac or PC editing software. Whether you're a singer-songwriter or a podcaster, Notepad-8FX offers best-in-class features like Lexicon® effects, so you can bring a level of polish to your creative productions that's sure to impress.

Pristine Audio Quality. A Soundcraft Tradition.

For over 40 years, audio professionals have trusted Soundcraft mixing solutions for pristine sound quality and reliable performance. Notepad series mixers continue this tradition with professional-grade Soundcraft microphone preamps, convenient XLR and 1/4” connectors, and durable metal enclosures built to stand the test of time.

Comfortably Familiar. Incredibly Powerful.

You'll find yourself right at home with Notepad's traditional channel strip layout. Aux sends and three EQ controls per channel give you a level of convenience often reserved for larger consoles. A rotary headphone volume control makes it easy to adjust your personal listening level, while a master fader level with LED metering provides precise control over your master output signal. Designed for home studios, rehearsals, live performances, and podcast production, the Notepad series provides a layout that's familiar to audio professionals yet easy to grasp for beginners.

Perfect for Rehearsals, Gigs, and More

The deceptively compact Notepad mixers easily fit in a gear bag and provide plenty of capability for writing sessions, rehearsals and gigs. Notepad mixers are engineered to provide iconic Soundcraft performance and allow you to connect your favorite gear like microphones, guitars, keyboards and more. With three models available (Notepad-5, -8FX and -12FX), there's a Notepad mixer that's a perfect match—whether you're a singer-songwriter or a small rock ensemble.

Your All-in-One Podcasting Solution

(*Notepad-12FX Shown)

The combination of premium Soundcraft components and the built-in USB audio interface make Notepad the ideal centerpiece for your podcasting workflow. The Notepad-8FX features Lexicon digital effects to give your production a level of polish typically achieved by recording studios. From capturing monologues to interviews with multiple panelists, Notepad mixers are designed to help you share your ideas with the world.

Iconic Lexicon Digital Effects

The Notepad-8FX features premium, studio-quality effects by Lexicon that help you achieve truly professional sound without additional plug-ins or equipment. Enhance your projects with reverb, chorus, or delay with tap tempo control, backed by industry-leading signal processing technology built into the Notepad's DSP engine.

Work Seamlessly with Your Mac or PC

Notepad's integrated USB audio interface allows you to easily record, edit and play projects using your favorite audio software. By combining Soundcraft legendary audio performance with HARMAN signal processing and the built-in USB interface for your computer, Notepad offers the best of both analog and digital audio in a no-compromise solution.


Get legendary Soundcraft quality from professional microphone preamps

Easily record, edit and playback from your Mac and PC with an integrated USB audio interface—simply plug-and-play with your Mac*

Sweeten your mix with HARMAN digital signal processing including iconic Lexicon reverb, echo and delay

Getting a great mix is easy with a familiar channel strip layout that includes EQ, aux send, master fader level and rotary headphone volume control

Durable metal enclosure that’s built-to-last

*PC requires Soundcraft driver installation

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