Tech Will Save Us Techno Sounds Kit Educational STEM Toy, Ages 4 and Up

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Product description

The Techno Sounds Kit is part of the Dough Universe, designed for children ages 4-7 to teach the fundamentals of how electricity works through play. Using special conductive dough, a smart controller, and special sound helper, kids create plonky pianos and buzzing snakes while learning about resistance!.

  • Introduction to how electricity works
  • Open-ended creating and experimenting
  • Teaches creative thinking and problem solving
  • Encourages creative experimentation
  • Learn about simple circuits

From the manufacturer

With Techno Sounds dough and tech get kids excited about electricity.

Bright Creatures Kit gets kids building with dough and making simple circuits to add light to their creations.


Introduce basic circuits and how electricity works through play

The perfect introduction to learning about circuits and how conductivity works - use the dough to build buzzing, beeping musical instruments that make noise when the circuit is complete!

Digital and physical play come together

Use the interactive storybook app to set up the kit and start learning about how electricity works, then complete the challenges with the dough and controller to defeat Dr. Dry Dough and restore sound to the Dough Universe!

Open-ended learning and play

Techno Sounds Kit can be used again and again for months to come - kids build the skills to keep them inventing and exploring long after completing the initial challenges.

Everything you need in the box

From batteries to dough, everything you need to get kids started in STEM in one box - no tools required.

Designed for ages 4+

A great kit to get the whole family making and playing - build your squishy creations, then work together to complete the circuits and make buzzing, beeping sounds with your dough orchestra.

Bethany Koby, CEO of Tech Will Save Us

Q: Describe your products in 3 words.

A: Conductive dough instruments.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for this product?

A: Finding toys for young children that are both fun and educational can be tricky, so the aspects of the Dough Universe that provide STEM education are what also makes the toys engaging and inspiring. We wanted to inspire kids to create and make while also learning valuable scientific principles and gaining new vocabulary.

Q: What makes your product special?

A: It's for younger children, getting them engaged with how the world around them works while tapping into their imaginations. They're learning the foundations of electricity while building problem-solving skills and developing their creativity.

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