JAYJUN Gold Snow Black Mask & Black Pearl First Repair Serum - 金雪黑面膜 & 黑珍珠第一修護精華

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The mask pack essence which contains pure gold soothes irritated skin and makesyour tired skin clear and bright by supplying energy. It is a luxurious maskpack that also contains Black Pearl First Repair Serum which gives ample amountof moisture and nutrients to your skin and keeps it resilient and hydrated fora long period of time.

How to use
1. After washing and applying basic skincare, take the mask sheet out andspread it evenly over the face
2. Peel off the mask sheet after 10 to 20 minutes and let the leftover essencesink into your skin by gently patting
3. After applying Black Pearl First Repair Serum, let it sink into your skin bygently patting

1. When you feel irregular response on the applied area such as red spots,swollen skin, itching or rash caused by exposure to direct sunlight, pleaseconsult a dermatologist

2. Do not apply to the areas of skin with wounds or other skin problems

3. Cautions on storage
  • Keepout of the reach of children
  • Donot store in direct sunlight

4. Do not use around the eyes