A.H.C Premium Hydra B5 Sleeping Pack 100ml - Premium Hydra B5 睡眠美容面膜

$ 95

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  • 順豐站/智能櫃到付 (非免費) - 免運費
  • 速遞 - 每件運費$55,購買滿$500免運

**用了這款超滋潤的睡眠面膜,包保你瞓醒覺後皮膚超正 !**


Enriched with effective hydrating essences, this moisturizing sleeping pack caneffectively boost up the moisture level of skin and instantly smooth dry skin.Skin will be hydrated and become energetic in the next morning!

The essentials of a beauty sleep:

  • Moisturizing Skin: Formulated with sodiumhyaluronate, vitamin B5 and centella asiatica extracts, it keeps moisture andcomfortable against dryness.
  • Enhancing Skin Elasticity: Add hydrolyzed collagenand ginseng extract, it effectively smooth rough skin for fine pores, restoresoft skin texture and make skin radiant. 
  • Anti-inflammation: By using the aqua clear geltechnology, the light and non-greasy texture like water that makes skin feelsfresh.