Blinkgogo Educational Robot Kit - Wireless Programming Arduino, Robot Learn & Play!

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What is Blinkgogo?

Blinkgogo is a Wireless Arduino Programming Robot Kit. 

Blinkgogo for education

Perhaps your home has many toys already. However we believe to prepare for the future children need toys that are made to be modified and programmed. Children need to learn not just to be consumers but to actively participate in the building and modifying of things around them.

Have fun at home Have fun at home

 In school

Everybody knows that STEM education is important however most robotics platforms do not come with enough easy to use tutorials out of the box to be used by most non-engineers and still have enough flexibility to be still useful to those who excel in programming.


Blinkgogo comes with three step-by-step tutorials to help you learn programming.

  • Binkgogo play right out of the box Tutorial: Blinkgogo works right out of the box. You can demonstrate many standard robot functions. You can drive it by controlling it with your phone through it's Bluetooth capability. Or have it follow a black line. 
  • Blinkgogo for Beginners Tutorial: Blinkgogo comes with a number of step-by-step tutorials. It is easy to program with graphical programming language.  And the Arduino IDE programming environment.
  • Blinkgogo for Advanced Users Tutorial: Blinkgogo offers a lot for advanced users. Blinkgogo comes with a hardware expansion prototyping plate where you can mount servos and many other sensors.
The content of the book The content of the book

What's in the box?

  Basic kit

  • 1--Blinkgogo robot
  • 2--Open source 3D printed shell
  • 3--Solar panel
  • 4--USB flash drive loaded with required software 
  • 5--USB Bluetooth adaptor
  • 6--Mrcro USB cable
  • 7--Flashlight
  • Tutorial books
  • Figure 8 on paper for line following demonstration.
  • Stickers

APP control

Interface of APP Interface of APP


Show case of APP control Show case of APP control

A Lot of Fun!

Line following Line following

 Catch it!

Light seeking Light seeking

 Books to show HOW & WHY

Children love reading Children love reading

Arduino based board that supports Bluetooth upload

The secret of Wireless Programming Arduino The secret of Wireless Programming Arduino

FlyBlue board with built-in Bluetooth for wireless download from your PC or Mac with our Bluetooth adapter, replacing wired debugging hassle.

3D printing Case

Compatible with Lego blocks, 3D printed case! Compatible with Lego blocks, 3D printed case!

Open source exterior case, so you can design and 3D print a completely new and unique enclosures. You can design what you like.

Supports sound effects and plays music