Nature Stories Collection - 10 Books

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Nature Stories Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9781406380477 - Nicola Davies el al

Full of heart-warming moments and animal antics, this 10-book collection is bursting with charming stories about all kinds of cute critters.

Full of jaw-dropping facts, children will get to find out about how some sharks are no bigger than a chocolate bar; what an Emperor penguin gets up to during a bitterly inhospitable winter; and how a tiny sea turtle grows and grows before heading back home to become a mother.

Covering the life cycles of various animals in a narrative style, these are fun and fascinating books for little nature lovers.
Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (10)
  1. Growing Frogs: Vivian French
  2. The Emperor's Egg: Martin Jenkins
  3. Surprising Sharks: Nicola Davies
  4. Walk with a Wolf: Janni Howker
  5. Big Blue Whale: Nicola Davies
  6. Tigress: Nick Dawson
  7. One Tiny Turtle: Nicola Davies
  8. Caterpillar Butterfly: Vivian French
  9. Ice Bear: Nicola Davies
  10. Yucky Worms: Vivian French