Don Jacobo ECOlogico 2015

  • 750ml
  • 西班牙紅酒
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Don Jacobo 
Obviously the harvest conditions are paramount and the characteristics of the vintages are always individual. Nonetheless, the wines from Bodegas Corral possess always certain characteristics of aroma, fragance, body and colour which define an original and different personality.The lighter Red wines from Bodegas Corral are classic wines, with vivacious red colour, penetrating aroma, being fresh and light on the palate. The full bodied Reserva and Gran Reserva Red wines have more colour, aroma and acidity and a higher alcoholic degree. They are altogether more subtle and show a degree of fineness which makes characterizes them as true great wines.  The White wines have a yellow green colour, and are fruity and light bodied.

Don Jacobo ECOlogico 2015,750ml 
  • Grapes grown by sustainable organic farming techniques more responsible with the environment. Recovering the traditional viticulture it has born our Don Jacobo Ecological a young, fruity and lively wine
  • Recommended food pairing: Meat stews, roasted meat, poultry in general and red meats.Awards 

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