AKI - 韓國直送 防盜防水多用途背囊 NBP DESIGN BACKPACK (T-B3259) #開心星期四

  • Size : 47*30*16cm
  • 外置USB charging
  • 帶有提供固定到行李車的功能行李帶/ Come with luggage belt
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$ 289

  • Black Gray
  • Gray

數  量
  • 自取 - 免運費
  • 順豐速遞 - 每件運費$30,購買滿$600免運 (運費優惠)

多用途功能 - 主要有三個口袋及13小口袋,這對於筆記本電腦,ipad,書籍,衣服等都是偉大的側袋中的一個拉鍊口袋,另一種是網狀側袋,這是適合水瓶或緊湊的傘。此外,背面還設有一個防盜隱藏拉鍊口袋,以保護貴重物品。

耐用性和舒適性 - 由耐水性聚酯和牛津布製成,保持您的必需品在小雨下乾燥,易於清潔。光滑的金屬拉鍊,增強的縫製和更強大的搭扣使得這款手袋可以使用多年。精選加墊可調節肩帶和超彈性透氣海綿背部,讓您的背部和肩部感覺整天舒適。

隱藏的防盜筆記本電腦隔間 - 10.4英寸x 15.0英寸的軟墊筆記本電腦隔間可容納15.6英寸的筆記本電腦。它的隔間設計在肩帶下,可以很好地保護您的筆記本電腦。

方便和安全 - 它配有一個外部USB充電端口,您可以隨時隨地為您的電子設備充電,釋放您的雙手。帶有提供固定到行李車的功能行李帶。

  • ROOMY & FUNCTIONAL - There are three main pockets & 13 small pockets, which are great for laptop, ipad, books, clothes, etc. And one of the side pocket is zipper pocket, the other is the mesh side pocket, which is suitable for water bottle or compact umbrella. Besides, there is a anti-theft hidden zipper pocket designed at the back to protect your valuables.

  • DURABILITY & COMFORTABLE - Made of Water Resistant polyester and oxford fabric, keep your essentials dry from small rain and easy to clean. Smooth metal zips, reinforced sews and stronger buckles make this bag last for years. Featured padded adjustable shoulder straps and and super elastic breathable sponge back, make your back and shoulder feel all day comfortable.

  • HIDDEN ANTI -THEFT LAPTOP COMPARTMENT– Well padded laptop compartment of 10.4'' x 15.0'' could fit up to 15.6 inch laptop. Its compartment is designed under the straps, which could well protect your laptop.

  • CONVENIENT & SECURITY - It is equipped with an external USB charging port that you can charge your electronic device at anytime and anywhere, free your hands. Come with luggage belt that provides the function of fixing to the luggage trolley.